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From the Times Tribune: "Bridon American has gone to great lengths to conserve energy and save money to remain competitive as a manufacturer in Pennsylvania."

Writer Denise Allabaugh continues:

The wire rope manufacturer in the Hanover Industrial Estates has completed a massive energy-efficiency project and earned the largest rebate check to date — $100,000 — from UGI’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program.

The funds will be used toward the $269,000 the company spent for energy-efficiency improvements, said Chris Dugan, president of the Americas at Bridon International.

Contractor SmartWatt Energy Inc. of Moosic installed Bridon American’s equipment, which includes a new temperature control system that shuts down air-conditioning or heat at night and brings it back on an hour before employees arrive. Drives were put on machine motors to make them operate more efficiently and additional efficiency improvements were made to the cooling tower.

The project is expected to save Bridon American more than 835,000 kilowatts of electric usage annually and $85,000 to $90,000 a year, Mr. Dugan said.

“There’s a benefit to us every year for not paying for that energy,” he said. “Every year, we start off the year by seeing what we can do to control our costs.”

In addition to the UGI program, Mr. Dugan said Bridon subscribes to a Demand Response program which rewards the company for agreeing to shut down the plant on days in which electricity demand is extremely high.

Read full Times Tribune story.


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